Friday, April 20, 2007

Branching out!

It is a sad fact that even with all new york has to offer, many New Yorkers out of convenience end up living their lives in about a 5 block radius of their apartment and their office. Sad to say, Dan and I are not much of exception to this. On the weekends we always try to venture beyond the UES but we need to make more of an effort to branch out and see other parts of the city. This starts tonight. We usually end up going to dinner on Fridays and this week we decided that instead of going somewhere close to home, because it is easy, we are going to head down my old stomping grounds, Greenwich Village. I know this area well from my NYU days and it is so hip and fun. There are so many charming little restaurants, and shops, and probably some of the best people watching in the city. On Friday nights the village really comes alive with all the college kids, and young professionals out for a night on the town. Not sure where we'll go to dinner yet, but while we are in the neighborhood, the night would not be complete without a visit to Magnolia Bakery! mmmmmm.....CUPCAKES


Kate said...

That is the bakery I was talking about. I have heard so much about it- Last time I went to NYC it was closed by the time we got there!

Jill said...

a. you're darling
b. you're blog is so fun
c. you're apartment looks fantastic

i'm going to have way too much fun looking through all of your posts!

Jill said...

d. my grammar is horrible