Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fleas and the Yankees

I am trying to get caught up with all we've been up to the last couple of weeks so I am going to use more words and less pictures. This is Dan and I with Noah and Kristi at the Yankees Game. We went when the Yankees played the Seattle Mariners and the final score was something like 16-12 for the Mariners, a super high scoring game for baseball. Dan is a loyal mariners fan and though most of the time he is a yankees fan, he was cheering for Seattle by sporting his Mariners hat!!!

These next images are from a Saturday we spent at the Hell's Kitchen flea market! It was so cool to see all the "junk"

I bought some of these antique printers letters. I think they are so cool!

If I wasn't so uncoordinated, I would love to ride this bike all around the city, unfortunately given my athletic skills, that would probably result in injury!

I think these old suitcases are so cool! I love the way the vintage suitcases are used in Ron Marvin's apartment in the previous post.

I love the look of these antique doorknobs. A friend of our collects these and has a bowl full of them on their coffee table, such a cool idea!

Does anyone need a spare set of keys? I think there are plenty here!!! I love the rust!!

These gold buddhas looked so cool with the sunlight shining and reflecting on them.

Seeing these clocks inspired me to start a collection. I think they would look cool displayed on a shelf!

and this is me! I am in love with my new flip flops and i am in desperate need of a pedicure!

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