Monday, May 21, 2007

Geek Love!

Anyone else who watched the season finale of Ugly Betty will know how sweet this kiss was! I have grown to love this show because Betty is so real and hilarious and always trying to make everything around her better, but somehow messing up miserably! While I will be the first to admit this show is a little overly dramatic, the crazy characters and constant crisis is really what I love about it! I think these two are the cutest little geeky couple I have ever seen! Does anyone else love Ugly Betty as much as I do?


Brynn and Jesse said...

I like Ugly Betty! But I was so annoyed with the way the season finale ended. It was depressing!!!!

Kate said...

Cait- I watched with my mom (I had never seen it before) it was actually really funny... but i will stick to the Office... can't wait to see you soon.