Monday, May 14, 2007


We are back from a fun and crazy weekend in D.C. I will post pics and details about the fabulous wedding of Spencer Henriod and Sara Pratt later- but for right now all I can say is that I love attending weddings because seeing others in love reminds me how much I love Dan. He really is the greatest! He is the kindest most mellow guy, he never complains about anything even when I drag him around the greater Washington D.C. area to run a million errands. He is the best!

Other things I love right now... Washington D.C.!!! Maybe the cleanliness of D.C. contrasted with the grimy NY streets is blinding me, but it felt so good to be in a green, beautiful and suburban place! We had so much fun just driving through little neighborhoods in Maryland and Virginia and seeing real houses!

I also love these shoes from the steven by steve madden collection! They are way to pricey for a sandal, but I am kind of obsessed with them right now and I just might have to have them!

I really love this painting of Paris, I would love one similar to this of New York!

I also love these pillows from pottery barn, I especially love the combination of the navy and the green, very preppy!
And last of all , this cake! You can buy the mold at Williams-Sonoma and I think it is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! It would be really cute to throw a bumblebee themed baby shower and make this!

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Jill said...

welcome back! very cute post, i love your inspirations :)