Tuesday, May 1, 2007

She's Done it Again!

Martha has hit the mother lode. That is right folks, more "good things" from Martha Stewart. I have seen this mentioned on a couple of other peoples blogs, so I really can't take credit for the discovery, but Martha Stewart has
just unveiled her new line of goods through Martha Stewart Crafts available at Michael's craft stores and her website . I can't remember the last time I saw this many cute craft supplies all in one place - and of course true to Martha style, all in the perfect shades of pastel.

Now, I am a proud Martha devotee, and for as much criticism as she gets, you have to give her credit for all that she has been able to do with her name and her domestic skills. Pretty Amazing, I am sure this will quickly become my favorite new website, not only are the goods adorable, but they are pretty affordable as well. I was pretty sad when all her goods on Martha by Mail went away so you can understand my joy about this new line! One of the most impressive things about it is the fact that you can basically build a whole birthday party/baby shower/wedding with their goods, from invites, to decor to favors, all in coordinating colors of course. It is a crafter's dream come true! I can't wait to go to Michael's and see some of this stuff in person! Unfortunately there is no Michael's in the city so I'll have to wait! Also, just a little tidbit for you Martha fans out there, her new line of home goods for Macy's debuts this fall! Can't wait!

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Sarah said...

So cute Cait! I am soo excited. I am a martha fan too.