Friday, June 15, 2007

A pleasant surprise!

Last night I headed down to Herald Square to check out a few sample sales. While in the area I though I would stop by what is usually one of my least favorite stores, Macy's. I'll admit, I do go there once in a while to check things out, but I almost always leave empty handed and overwhelmed because of the crowds, and the size of the store. Well last night at 7:30 it was actually pretty empty which gave me time to really explore without being forced out by the chaos. The reason I had headed there in the first place was because of the dress commercials I had seen on t.v. I had been skeptical of what I would find, but my friend Emilee assured me she could have walked out of there with 10 dresses. So, I thought I would give it a chance. I was amazed. They have practically devoted an entire floor of the mammoth department store to some of the cutest summer dresses I have ever seen! Although most of them were sleeveless and strapless, which don't really work for me, they were all adorable and I ended up trying on about 8 of my favorites. I checked online for some pictures of the cute ones, but they weren't there, so I'll guess you will have to go to a store to see for yourself. There was one I particularly fell in love with but they didn't have my size. Too bad, even so, it is definitely worth checking out their selection.

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Jill said...

thats great, i never get down there either! p.s. your new links on your list are awesome