Thursday, July 5, 2007

I am loving the little taste of fall fashions we have been getting, and some of my favorites have come from a store I had almost written off, The Gap! I am especially in love with the suede ballet flats for only $38!

And this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning some of the new stuff at J. Crew. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed but there were some new pieces I might not be able to live without....A cute fall trench, a cardigan in a great fall color, and yet another pair of suede flats!


Rebekah said...


Hey! It's Rebekah from the swap, and I may be the biggest idiot in the world. As soon as I got your WONDERFUL package I realized that I hadn't included a card explaining any of the stuff I sent you - total stupidity, and I apologize. I can't imagine that getting a package of random things without any explanation would be very fun, so, I'll try to explain things now.

First, the books. I love, love Agatha Christie. The mystery, the quaint settings, the detailed accounts of British life, I can never get enough of it! I went to my favorite used book store -- Sam Wellers -- to get a vintage copy of one of her books because the covers just look so much cooler. "At Bertram's Hotel" is quintessential Miss Marple (one of Christie's stock characters), and quintessential London back in the early 20th Century. This particular mystery is full of elegant teas, prim manners and the fast and furious lives of the upper class. I love it!

I picked up the second book because I have this thing for retro cookbooks. I think it's so interesting to go back and see what people were eating and how they entertained back in the day. Not only are books like this a fun trip down memory lane, but they're also a great way to find old ideas that can be revamped into original and current ideas. Have fun with it!

The mortar an pestle symbolize my love for spicy ethnic foods. I love Indian food especially, so I thought this was a fun way to represent my culinary leanings.

The sketch pad and pencil speak to my love of art and creating. If I devote time to drawing I really love it. I bought you a tiny sketchpad that you could fit into a purse and use to draw cool things that you see. After all, you live in a city with tons to see! Don't be afraid to just start drawing and do whatever you want with it. Have a 'Drawing Day', or just sketch little things that catch your eye around the city.

Well, I hope you can enjoy your package much more now! I'm so, so sorry for being such a dunce!

Julia said...

Those are all very cute. I too had all but given up on the Gap. Thanks for posting!