Sunday, July 15, 2007

Romney's new buddy

This is my first blog, so don't laugh. I wasn't planning on saving my first post for Romney, but it has just worked that way. A little while back Mitt came to the Big Apple to raise some money and one of the events was for young professionals, which I got somehow invited to. It was a fun atmosphere with lots young people hobnobbing, drinks flowing, and a local band playing (Highbench, look them up.) Then Mitt came and gave a rousing speech. He sounded like a president and looks more like a president than any president ever. All in all it was fun night. I didn't write any fat checks to the campaign because I figured that Brother Romney would rather have me pay my tithing than pay him.

As for my political views I feel I am fairly open to both parties. At this point I support Romney. He is sharp, intelligent, and likeable. I love his background. He did an amazing job in business. He was successful with the olympics and did a great job in Massachusetts as governor. I dislike the money and time that is going into this presidential election, both are excessive. I feel like a bunch of the candidates don't have a platform yet, except clamoring to their parties. So we will see where my political views move as the the process moves forward.

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Mr. D said...

Nice of Dan to make an appearance on our blog, don't you think?