Thursday, August 23, 2007

Je t'aime Paris, Je t'aime J. Crew

Since I help with the visuals at J. Crew, I usually know when the new stuff at is going come out, but occasionally they'll post new stuff online way before the stores get it in, and it is always a pleasant surprise. I am truly delighted with some of the new items which are more than adorable, but what I really love is the photography and and styling of the new collection. It makes me want to run to J. Crew, buy up a bunch of clothes (I guess that is the whole idea) and hop a flight to Paris! It always amazes me how they can come up with new variations on such classic styles!
Seriously love this stuff. For a little treat check out the link to this video!
Here are a few of my favorite items from the new arrivals....


Mr. D said...

I think the models are too skinny. I could snap them like a twig and I don't even have big muscles, but I don't snap people, just twigs. I do like J Crew though and the discount Cait gets.

Tiffany said...

i love your blog! i just found it on sarah's and i love all your postings, they are so inspirational! i can live a new york life vicariously through you! hope your both doing well! p.s. is jcrew ever going to introduce a maternity line? i would be in heaven.