Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall is in the air!

I am starting to hate J. Crew and this is why. I hate it because I love it, I hate it because every time they put new stuff online I know exactly what I want to buy and exactly what I will wear it with and it is sort driving me nuts! I just got rid of a huge pile of clothes and now I have empty drawers just begging to be filled up with new fall clothes! Someone please help me!
Love the knotted pearls and the deep forest green!

I bought last years verison of this cardigan in grey and it has been a favorite!

a little something warm and wooly!

just when I start to worry animal prints are going out of style, they come back in!


Jen Richards said...

Very cute clothes- there is something about J Crew that just screams "falls clothes that I must have"
BTW- what was that website that you were telling me about that allows you to see who has updated their blogs? I forgot the name :(

Sarah said...

you are hilarious cait. hilarious. i love the knotted pearls, i am thinking we could do that with our own pearls... hmm. maybe we could.

Jill said...

thank you for letting at your pile of giveaways :) i'm loving jcrew too!