Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Slipping through my fingers

Do you ever find something great at a store, wish you would have bought it, and then when you go back the item you have been obsessing over is long gone? Last Saturday I spied some awesome faux bamboo chairs at my local housing works (NY chain thrift store) They were a great deal at only $65 each and I knew I should have snatched them up immediately when I saw them. However since storage would have been an issue until we move to our new place I decided to think about it. Bad Decision. I went back yesterday and of course they were gone and now I am heartbroken! They were too good of a deal and someone else snatched them up! I had an actual picture of the ones in the store, but since our Mac is dead and on it's way to the Mac Doctors, I had to settle with sharing this image of similar chair from Williams Sonoma Home.


Brynn and Jesse said...

I definitely know that feeling! And now you will compare anything you find to the chairs you wanted in the first place! I'm sorry!!!

Jill said...

SO SAD. I really wish they were yours!