Tuesday, October 9, 2007

so charming

I am loving these sweet little charm necklaces from Urban outfitters! When I saw the pine cone last night I was so tempted to jump in line and wear it out of the store! Since we got married in November, we had sort of a pine cone themed wedding and this sweet little necklace totally reminds of the pine cone graphic on our wedding invitations. I am sure Dan will never forgive me for making him come with me to collect pine cones and chestnuts for our wedding centerpieces! It literally took hours! He should have known then what he was getting into... Check out this sweet little acorn and smaller version of the pine cone as well! Oh and did I mention there are earrings?


Weed Family said...

I love that necklace, my mom has one just like it. Hey, I was wondering, are you guys going to be in NYC Dec. 28 and 29??

Caitlin said...

We definitely are! Are you going to be in town?