Wednesday, November 21, 2007

being thankful

I have loved reading the expressions of gratitude posted on peoples blogs throughout this month and the spirit of thankfulness that this season evokes. I haven't really posted anything of this sort on my blog yet because in the last couple of weeks, it has been hard to put into words the things I find myself thankful for at the moment. There has been a lot going on in our lives and I have been caught off guard in terms with what I am viewing as blessings in my life.

I thought I would share a couple of things...

1.I am thankful for the chance to live away from most of my family and friends. This seems like a contradiction, but living away from the people we have been close to all of our lives has opened us up to new friendships and experiences that have really enriched our lives, and we feel so blessed by the wonderful friendships we have made living here in New York.

2. I am thankful for modern medicine and the technology we have in this day. it is so amazing to me the things that we are able to accomplish with the medical technology available today and I feel really blessed to live in a country where top notch quality health care and treatment is available to me. It is so amazing that diseases and conditions that 20 years ago had few treatment options are now minor inconveniences because of what is out there.

3. I feel blessed to live in a country and be part of a church that values the role of women and grants us freedom. I recently read the book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and the biggest impact it had on me was my gratitude for a husband who loves me and treats me well, and to live in a culture where women are not restricted or mistreated.

4. I feel blessed for my education. Living in such a big city, you come in contact with all sorts of people from all walks of life. It breaks my heart to see so many people here working menial jobs and struggling to make ends meet. I have realized that the biggest thing that sets us apart is the opportunities and education I have been blessed with. I feel so grateful to have a warm home, and a good job, and to not have to worry about the basic needs in my life.

5. I am grateful for Dan. Did you know he is the most patient person on the planet? Did you know that in our whole life together I have never heard him say one unkind word about anyone else, and I have never seen him treat anyone less than Christlike? I feel really blessed to married to such a loving and kind person who sets a great example to me every day. In all of our marriage I have never heard Dan yell or even get mad. He is not perfect, but he sure if wonderful and I need to be better at recognizing all the wonderful things that he is!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this season makes you realize just how truly blessed you are!


k. said...


I love that Dan has never yelled. Mike is the same way. I'm a little... opposite. :)

I'm grateful for experiences that have made me uncomfortable, or circumstances that are hard (e.g. lots of things about life in New York City), because it is when we are stretched that we truly grow.

Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Kathryn said...

I agree Cait! Dan is soooo patient! What a great guy. He is lucky to have you bring out a whole different side of him. WE do have a lot of blessings in our lives!
You will be missed tomorrow. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Jill said...

great list cait. i am also very grateful for education opportunities, health & medicine, and freedom. i cannot complain because i have it so great.

go boo boo said...

very sweet and beautifully written.

Ashley said...

We were dying to see you guys and I was going to have Clay call Dan (I didn't see your number on my blog until today and we are home now). We went in to the city for a total of 2 hours and almost the entire time was spent at B&H Photo - Clay was in heaven and it was the top priority (for him) for going in to the city. Our trip was so short and the rest of the time was spent in New Canaan. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving - I talked to Jill via texting and she told me you guys were getting together. So fun! Have you heard anything about the guy's friends Christmas party for this year?

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Caitlin & Dan! We're so thankful for friendships (like yours) here in NYC too! :) Can't wait for book club again - so sad I had to miss the last one. We should have one at my place sometime! xoxo, Di :)

Julia said...

Caitlin, I love your list. We are also grateful for our friendships in New York, and feel so lucky that we can count you guys among them.