Wednesday, November 7, 2007

gift idea # 4 a cute & cozy mug

For almost as long as I have been shopping at Anthropologie I have wanted one of these mugs with a big old "C" on it. they are only $6 and every time I go into the store I promise myself I am going to buy one, but still end up leaving empty handed. Somehow in my imagination a cute mug makes hot chocolate even more delicious. These would be cute gifts for the holidays all wrapped up with some peppermint sticks and a bow around the handle!


Ashley said...

I LOVE these mugs. I also have seen these for years and don't know why I haven't bought one!

Kristy Stoner said...

OK... I'm getting you one for Christmas!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

I got my friend Carly the one with the C for her birthday!! Its a cute one!