Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave

Dan's dad is absolutely wonderful, and anyone that knows him can attest to that. Today he is celebrating a big birthday and we really wish we could be there to give him a big hug and kiss and help him blow out the candles. Dave is an amazing Dad and has set a great example for Dan. We love when he comes visits us in New York because Dave has a way of making everything more fun and more exciting! Happy Happy Birthday Dave! We love you! Celebrate in style!

Little Dan riding a horse at Millville

Kathryn, Baby Dan with his broken legs and Papa Dave
Dave and the boys


Kathryn said...

Love those pictures Caitlin! You are so nice to remember everyone's birthdays! WE will miss you guys at the ragger tonight!!

Erin said...

How in the world did dan break both his leggies?

We miss you guys!

Jane Durham said...

Dan, how did you have two broken legs at that age? Caitlin, this blog is very cute, well done.