Monday, December 3, 2007

a fun visit

This post is long overdue but I couldn't ignore two of the greatest people who have come to visit us, Dan's parents. Does Dan look like his Dad or what? Swap the color of hair in this picture and I am pretty sure you are looking at Dan in 30 years! Dave and Joan are loads of fun when they come because they like to jam pack every second, which means lots of adventures and lots of fun. While they were here they were nice enough to treat us to Wicked, and some yummy meals, and they even got to see our primary program and attend our ward Halloween party, which I am sure was the highlight. They even snuck in another show with Dan and spend a day out at Ellis Island while I was at work. I'll have to add some more of my photos later, but here a couple they took when they were in the Big Apple.
Dan, all smiles as usual
Gazing out of the windows at Ellis Island

Walking down the very wet street on rainy day

Lady Liberty in all her glory!

and us waiting for the Subway.

Come back soon Joan and Dave, we miss you already!


Kathryn said...

The pictures didn't come up?

Anonymous said...

hi hi hi dan and cait, missing you, i also have no idea how to write you something on your blog thing you'll ever see, so i don't even know if you'll ever see this haha. this is eliza