Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a list a mile long

Right now I feel like if only there were a few more hours in the day, and I had a little more energy, then I would be on top of things in my life. Then my apartment would be put together, and I'd actually mail the left over Christmas cards I never got out, and wouldn't have a handful on unanswered emails in my inbox and a pile of thank you notes to write for Christmas. But here's the thing.... right now I am most definitely not on top of it. Right now I am so sick of cleaning and painting and putting things away in our apartment that I just don't want to deal with it, and I really don't care that we've had two bagfuls of dirty laundry for a week. Because let's face it, sometimes in life you have to realize you can't do everything at once. Thank goodness we had Dan's sweet Aunt Margaret come up last weekend to renew our sanity and help us tackle some much needed projects around the house, we love you Margaret, come back any time! If only we had visitors every weekend to help us get settled.

SO my answer to all of you who keep asking how the new place is? It is great and big and we love being able to stretch out, but it will be much better when we don't feel like we just moved in, and when I don't look around and make a mental list of all the projects that need to be done. It will be much better when everything is painted and hung and put away and I can stop feeling guilty about all of the things I should be doing. That is when we'll have you over for dinner friends, I promise!

Until that day, wish us luck, because the list keeps getting longer!


Jill said...

it's coming along! you guys have made so much progress in a very short time (so long to salmon colored walls!)

Caitlin said...

seriously thank you so much for your help! It is good for me to have some one else there to motivate my efforts! You are a gem! Come help decorate any time!

Suzi said...

Moving is the worst! I think unpacking is way worse than packing! Good luck-I can't wait to see the finished product.

Mrs. Limestone said...

That first closet is dreamy. Thats for the closet porn :)