Friday, January 11, 2008

Mormons in the media

Since the time when we first started dating, Dan and I have been trying to figure out what the word is to describe how when you see something, or read about it or become aware of it, it seems to pop up everywhere. So far we have been unsuccessful in determining what the actual phrase is, so with the help of the movie Serendipity, we coined our own. Whenever we this phenomenon occurs, we now refer to it as being delicitatious. You won't find that word in any dictionary, but for our purpose it has worked just fine.

With all the hype about Mitt Romney and the religious issues with the upcoming election, it has been interesting to keep track of all the media attention towards the LDS Church and Mormon culture. Although I can't say I fully agree with most of the media representation, I will say the majority that I have come across has been fair, but maybe a bit misleading.

In light of all the delicitatious articles I have come across lately, I thought I would share a few that came up in unexpected places. It seems being "Mormon" is a hot topic right now and publications are eating up opportunities to present a new angle, and put faces with the religion.

I have to add a disclaimer that by posting these on my blog, I am not necessarily endorsing the point of view they present, but I definitely thought they were an interesting read.
The first article (pictured above) I came across was actually written by girl in our ward in Manhattan. I couldn't find a link anywhere, but if you happen to get your hands on a copy of vogue from December 2007 you'll find the article in there, otherwise if you leave a comment with your email I can forward you a pdf of the article.
The second was recently published in real simple as part of a feature about religious conversion and finding a religion that is right for you. I thought this was really interesting and would love to hear more of her story.

And the last was published in the New York Observer last week. This article also fascinated me because I know Elna Baker the main girl they interviewed because I also used to go to her same ward in Manhattan.

I know there have also been multiple articles pertaining to Mormonism and specifically Mitt Romney and his Mormon beliefs published in every magazine from Newsweek, to Time, to the Economist over the last months, and I am sure in the coming weeks we'll no doubt see more of this delicitatiously popping up, so if you find anything worth reading be sure to share.


k. said...

Ooh... I want to see the Vogue article (please). A friend told me about it the other day...

Leslie said...

hi caitlin, i'd love to read the vogue article. please email me at

thanks for posting these articles, they're very interesting!

K said...

Hi Caitlin, Please send me the vogue article

i'm dying for nick to get staffed in NYC so we can come visit, so hopefully i will see you soon!

and in case you didn't know that i read your blog, hello, and now i don't have to feel so creepy in the shadows!

kristin macey

Emily said...

hello--i would love to read the vogue article. could you please email me at


Sine family said...

Here is another good one for you.

ali said...

So cool. (To me.) The girl in Real Simple is my good friend! I didn't even know about the other two. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

i wish i had checked up on your blog before dan had given his talk on Sunday! he referred to E.B.'s enthusiasm about mormons and the media, particularly highlighting blogs. anyway - dan could have given you a shout out. :) send me the pdf of the vogue article - i play with her kid in nursery.
talk to you soon! xoxo, di :)

go boo boo said...

me too!

thanks caitlin. i can't wait to read the others too.

Erin said...


Send me that article. I'm so curious now.

TnD said...
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