Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Breakthrough!!!

I have always had the dream of writing my own book. Well that dream may be some distance off, but I am getting closer. You see I did some research for Keith McFarland's new book, 'The Breakthrough Company'. Allow me to quote from the source

"Thanks also to....Dan Creer, whose tireless energy and great questions pushed us to create and implement a rigorous research model."

This is one of the coolest things to have happened to me, to see my name in print, so help make it a huge success by picking up your copy today!


Jill said...

dan, you are the man. that is very cool! next stop, your book. :)

Brynn and Jesse said...

Very impressive! You are one step closer to being famous!!

Kathryn said...

Congrats Dan! That is great...maybe that is your next move??

Anonymous said...

That is really awesome for me.. his wife is my peep!

Way to go!