Sunday, May 18, 2008

a new toy

Anyone who knows the saga of Dan's long awaited nintendo Wii ( a Christmas gift from his boss that just recently came into his possesion) will know how excited he is that it has finally come to live at our house. Though I am little nervous that the excitement of the Wii outweighs the excited of the baby for Dan, I guess only time will tell which visitor in our home will get the most attention from him!


Kate said...

What a cute shower... how fun! And you got more sailor stuff... and Dan, the tennis looks like great exercise!

Mindi said...

Don't worry, I'm not sure the reality of a baby really hits home for a Dad until it actually comes home to stay. :) As much as we TELL them about it, it's just not the same. Guess that's the blessing of being Moms... to experience it ALL. :) I imagine the Wii will get old before the little guy shows up... or not, I've never played Wii.

But keep Dan busy changing the diapers or doing the burping and he'll be too tired to play Wii. :)

Sorry to miss out on the fun yesterday. Looks like lots of fun.