Thursday, May 8, 2008

our cutest visitor yet

We had a really special visitor last weekend, his name was Adam.
He is 7 months old and likes to bang his hands on the table and suck on things.
Oh, and his Mom and Dad came too!

We had a great visit with Rich and Brit who came all the way from Salt lake to explore the city with us. They were great sports and even though we were all exhausted by the time they left, we managed to squeeze in a lot of yummy food (Britney is fully converted to pinkberry) and seeing the sites (brooklyn bridge, canal street, tribeca, rockefellar, central park, the met).

Come back soon, and bring the little guy with you!


Brittney said...

Thanks Dan and Caitlin for a great trip!!!

Nick said...

Hey, we would also like to come out and visit! Good to see Rich spends some hard earned cash once in a while!