Friday, June 20, 2008

the nest

Dan thinks I am crazy and here is why... You know how they say a nesting instinct kicks in when you are pregnant, well all I can say is that it does and it is really really strong. I always loved doing little projects around the house but in the last couple months I've driven Dan crazy with things like painting the moldings and doors in our whole apartment and recaulking the bathtub. Yes we live in a rental, but I just really need things to be clean and nice, I am sort of obsessed with it.

Well the other thing I have been obsessive about is finishing furnishing our place. Those of you that know me know I love to shop but I am a bargain hunter.I've been on the search for the last 4 months for a couple of pieces, mainly nightstands and some side tables for our couch among other things. I've been on the prowl- craigslist, ebay, and even scouring the local flea markets last weekend hoping to find some great bargain find. I was about to give up my daily craigslist search when low and behold what did I find but a steal on just what I had been searching for, faux bamboo. Let me preface this by saying I have a vision for these and I think they will be amazing when I am done with a little paint and elbow grease. I ended up finding a whole faux bamboo bedroom set for a ridiculously cheap deal. The guy who is selling them is basically getting rid of all his grandfather's old furniture and thinks they are junk. Apparently he has no idea that there is an incredible resale market for these things through ebay and antiques dealers. No complaints though since I am making out like a bandit. I am so excited about my bargain and hopefully I can turn this:

into this:

and sorry Dan, only a couple more weeks and I can transfer my obsessions from nesting to baby!


Kellie said...

Really great find! Those will look so awesome refinished.

Unknown said...

Love it! Tell Dan it could be worse. We did baseboards when I was about 34 weeks. Not great. Lots of dust.

TnD said...

You are so creative. I would have never seen the diamond in the rough and honestly probably would have put the bamboo finish on the street, but it looks gorgeous painted. Continue nesting. I will enjoy your ideas.

Anonymous said...

looks good! :) and btw - did you know shake shack is opening up on the UWS? yum!