Tuesday, June 3, 2008

more than you ever wanted to know

I have been tagged by Paloma, a blogging friend who has great style and although I don't always play along with these, I was in the mood this time. Feel free to stop reading if you think these are boring.
What I was doing 10 years ago:
Walking around the neighborhood with all my gal pals and bumming rides off all our older siblings who were so cool. Or on occasion we'd steal one of our parents cars and drive them around the block, oooh we were such rebels. We spent the whole summer hanging out at my pool or the TC soaking up as much sun as we could get and trying to get attention from older boys. I went to camp in the Tetons and spent all day working on the farm, hiking, fishing and loving it, I bet you never would have guessed I can be sort of outdoorsy. My friends and I were all getting ready to start high school and thought that made us so cool. Ohh and I probably spent way to much time primping to hang with boys who I realize now were not worth the effort. Ironically I am still best friends with lots of the girls who were my best friends 10 years ago. Wow!

Five things on my to-do list today:
Go to work
Clean my apartment
Get through a mountain of ironing
Finish thank you notes from my baby shower
Return some phone calls
Buy some vitamins

Snacks I enjoy:
Watermelon or pretty much any kind of fruit, and almonds

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
City parks. I would donate money to make all the city parks in Salt Lake as awesome as the ones in New York. I'd save some, buy a modest apartment in NY and great home in Salt lake and travel with Dan. Then I'd let Dan invest the rest and every year we'd live off half of the interest and spend my time giving the other half of the interest to charitable causes I could stand behind.

Places I would want to live:
To be practical...San Francisco... To have a dream come true... Paris...To have an adventure... Thailand...To be happy and simple... a beautiful farm somewhere.

Places I'd go on vacation again and again:
Italy-pretty much anywhere in the country, though I love Tuscany and the south
Jackson Hole- I'm am a mountain girl at heart
Newport Beach- a great beach town with a million things to do
Lake Powell- Always will remind me of family trips growing up with some of our family friends, and the best sunsets anywhere.

I'm not going to tag anyone specific, but if any of you are looking for a way to kill time, I just knocked out about 20 minutes. Go for it.

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