Friday, June 6, 2008

shake it up

Anyone who has come to visit us in New York has been required to make the pilgrimage to the shake shack which we are basically obsessed with. A couple of months ago I remember reading some article about a pregnant woman who ate a black and white shake almost ever day the last 2 months of her pregnancy. I remember thinking that was a really great idea if you wanted to have a fat fat baby and I totally judged her. Now I find myself checking the flavor calendar every couple of days to see when it is worth a trip down there- I can't make it today, but you can bet I'm heading down for some blackberry custard sometime this month.

Pregnant lady with the black and white shakes, if you are out there, my judgement is totally withdrawn!

1 comment:

Kristy Stoner said...

That's really funny! I craved Rootbeer Floats when I was pregnant and had probably 5 or 6 a week. NO JOKE!