Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend update

Busy busy busy and exhausted! That is how I have felt the last little while and I think this weekend was the culmination with almost no time to spare. This was the rundown:

Thursday night: dinner with James (Dan's little brother who was in town) @ Cowgirl, an attempt to introduce him to banana pudding at Magnolia (but the line was longer than we have ever seen it), and a cab ride home that I thought would make me sick!

Friday: While Dan had a whirlwind day touring the city with James and hitting up the Museum of Natural History, and the Yankees game I worked the day away and spent the night rediscovering my 80's self for a work event with dinner at the Pop Burger Lounge and The Cure concert and then as if it hadn't already been a long night, we met up with one of our favorite people, Mike Giepert (who was in town filming a commercial for Nike) at Max Brenner.

Saturday: Should have been a day to sleep in but we were up and at 'em and headed to central park to finally have our Primary party which turned out wonderful. It was so much fun and we had a great turn out, I'll post a few pictures later this week. After spending most the day there I was spent and headed home to take a nap and a lazy evening, that is until Mike and Kathryn called us to head over to one of their favorite new haunts, Levain Bakery. Of course we were immediately out the door and on our way and a couple of hours later after treats, dinner, and an hour long conversation trying to think of names for the babe we were finally home.

As if our weekend hadn't already been crazy we were scheduled to speak in church Sunday morning and only 1/2 way finished with our talks. Needless to say we pretty much crashed yesterday and even though I took a nap and went to bed early I am still tired. I think next weekend I need to schedule in some down time and dig out my ear plugs and sleep mask like Holly Golightly!


k. said...

Wow! And at the same time, you're making a baby! Busy girl.

Loved going to Levain with you guys (and burgers- oh my!), and LOVED your talks on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

O we LOVE Levain's! We've sent their cookie 'basket' every Christmas to our families since moving here - yum...I even packed them in ziplock bags x triple to keep them fresh for plane rides to bring for family and friends.

Jill said...

oh man! we had tickets to the cure concert but sold them before we left. so fun. can't wait to see the primary pics.