Monday, June 2, 2008

what's in a name?

Now that we're approaching the definite countdown I keep getting asked the same question- Do you have a name picked out?

Well here is the answer...not even close. Luckily Dan and I mostly agree on the types of names we like and we have a list of about 10 names that are possibilities but we are not really attached to any of them any we are still looking for other options. We're not trying to be secretive or surprise anyone, we just really aren't set on anything- so until we meet little Miles/James/Benjamin/Nelson/Elliott/Winston/ etc. we just won't decide. Hopefully once we see him something will just stand out...hopefully.

On a another note, our friend Brian told us an awesome story about how his aunts and uncles got named and it definitely made me laugh. according to Brian, his grandparents named their first two children pretty traditionally after a paternal and maternal grandparents, so by the time they were rolling around to their third, they decided to let the kids choose. Ironically their next four children ended up with names of cartoon whenever anyone asks his Aunt Betty who she is named after, she can honestly reply Betty Boop. This reminds me of the time when I was 10 and my cousins decided they were going to name their kids after video game characters, although these days I am not so sure if they'd actually want to name their children Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Princess, but it sure would be original!


Leslie said...

oh i think we have the same taste in names. i have a son named Miles, a son Parker James, and a brother Elliott, which was second in line behind miles.

you'll pick something great! :)

{Rollins Family} said...

Caitlin, boys names are for sure the hardest!! he had the hardest time ever naming Colter but now looking at him there isnothing else that suits will chose the perfect name, even if it is after the first time you see him. I sometimes think thats even better :)