Monday, July 14, 2008


Dan and I are negotiating the balancing act between keeping me from getting bored, but not letting me over do things these last couple weeks. So this weekend this is what we were up to...

To keep busy we went here where we got these delicious waffles (warm berries!) which were oh so yummy. Afterward we wandered around Soho where we picked up Dan's favorite items of baby clothing yet, and I Love NY onesie from a cute little man on the street (Dan didn't get it when I threw it straight to laundry when we got home, has he seen the streets of NY). After that Dan suckered me into going down the the Brooklyn Bridge to see the waterfalls, which we agreed were totally overe rated. It was arguably the hottest day of the year and the heat was a little much for my 8 1/2 month pregnant self. And later that night we headed to a new spot,The New York Milkshake company which got an A for atmosphere but a C for food.

To rest I worked on some sewing projects at home for baby, we watched Gidget( and Dan pretended to like it ), I saoked my feet for hours in cold water to help swelling/cankle effect, we took soem naps, and got the the mostly baby ready except for a few projects we'll try to tackle this week.

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