Thursday, September 11, 2008


Winston is a lucky boy and here is why... at a mere six weeks old he already has lots of friends and the list keeps growing. It seems that little boys are everywhere these days because the past few weeks we've welcomed lots of little buddies into the world.
Meet Calder. Winston can't wait to chill with this little buddy when we head to Utah later this month. Don't you just want to squeeze those Darling cheeks! Congratulations Mike and Ash, should they be soccer players or swimmers?
This is the artist formerly known as Jared, most recently known as Baby J. He and Winston were destined to be buds within the Womb when their mother's confessed pregnancy to each other at the exact same instant. We used to let them kick each other when they were in our bellies. He has a killer mane of hair and a sweet sweet face.
This darling gentleman is William, who Winston is actually yet to meet in person but mom sure thought he was cute. William was born with a stellar blond mullet and is a teeny little boy at only 6lbs. 12 oz. as of Tuesday his day of birth. Don't worry William, Winston is growing up and he will protect you from all of the bullies at school.
And this is the latest addition to Winston's posse, Baby Wixom (as of press time he was yet to be named). Winston cannot wait to meet this guy who will not only be a best friend but is also his nearest and dearest cousin. I am sure these two are in store for lots of fun together over the years.

Congrats to all our dear friends/family who are welcoming their own bundles of joy! Life is sweet! And what does Winston think of all this you wonder?
Well he is a little overwhelmed at how his social calendar is filling up all the sudden. But I guess there is a price for being popular.


Jill said...

such a cute post. winston is a lucky boy. :)

TnD said...

Love all the babies. Claire was on a boy year and now it looks like my new little wee will also be on a boy year.

Kathryn said...

Can't wait to see you guys and see Winnie again. And little Wixom is waiting for his cousin to come! Safe travels...Loves. Your favorite Aunt!

Caitlin B. said...

Cait he is so cute! He totally looks like you in that pic, he totally has your eyes! I can't wait to see you two when you get here!

Sine family said...

Love the post. I'm glad we were pregnant together. JJ asked about Winston today and was excited to hear that we will be seeing him tonight.

Kimberley said...

Wow so many beautiful babies!This follows the pattern that eveyone I know is either pregnant or has a baby under 6months old- I'll hope for a girl a few years younger to match up with one of these handsome boys!