Friday, October 31, 2008

the boy who wouldn't grow up

Since Dan and I are both aching for the little one to stay his little self forever, we decided it would be perfect for him to be Peter Pan (the boy who wouldn't grow up) for Halloween. Although he wad less than cooperative for these pictures, he made us laugh. We're off to go check out the neighborhood kids trick or treating and hit a party. Happy Halloween!
When you live in Neverland shoes are not required

This is little Peter's pocket made for him especially by Wendy
and his little booties


The Jackson Three said...

So, so, so cute. I'm very impressed with the costume. Hope he got some good candy!

Kellie said...

it turned out so cute! good job!

Jill said...

SO SO CUTE. Wendy, you did a FABULOUS job.

Kathryn said... are so talented. I love it! We miss little Winston.

Molly said...

cute cait! good work. he looks like he is cooperating to me!