Thursday, October 9, 2008

the crystal ball

While in Utah I popped into some of my favorite baby haunts to see what goodies I could conjure up. I had to share these hilarious t-shirts I discovered by Wry Baby. This company sells a variety of hilarious goodies for baby. But my favorite starts with Mysterio the fortune teller, who for a mere $12.95 will predict your child's future career. We were hoping Winston would be lucky enough to grow up to be a Donut Tycoon, but it looks like we'll have to settle for him becoming a criminal mastermind, still we are so proud. The Mysterio predicts t-shirt is sold online and at Babinski's in Salt Lake. Winston is wearing his today, although our little criminal mastermind has taken a break from scheming and is currently having a nap.


Julie said...

fun blessing pictures! He's a good model! It was way fun to see you Cait! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at CHristmas!!

Sarah M said...

caitlin- are you caitlincreer@yahoo? I can remember. email me if that is wrong.
i love the belssing pictures of winston. too cute.