Thursday, October 16, 2008

little feet

One of the things I love most about little babies are their sweet little hands and feet. Which means as a natural by product, little shoes for little feet are also irresistible. the little shoes pictured above were Dan's when he was a baby and Winston wore them in the family photos we did recently (which will be posted soon). Since our little babies feet are growing fast leaving his darling little baby shoes behind, I decided starting a baby shoe collection would be a good idea. One day I will have a long shelf with all my little baby shoes lined up neatly side by side and when you come over to visit I will show them to you and tell you the stories behind each pair and who wore them and what occasion they were for. That way the money spent on teeny shoes will not go to waste. To kick off my collection I just purchased a darling pair of antique bronzed booties on ebay. I can't wait.


Sam, Julie, Tucker & Maizie said...

I agree, baby shoes are so dang cute. I can't wait to see you collection :) Love you Cait! xoxoxo

TnD said...

Wait until that little wee can take off his little shoes. Claire lost another pair today. I took her out for a long walk and somewhere along the way she had cast aside, yet another pair. So many cute shoes down the drain. She is now down to two pairs.

Jill said...

those are so cute cait. i love how nostalgic you are and that winston is enjoying so many treasures from when his parents were little.