Friday, February 20, 2009

where can I get something to eat?

Winston has discovered a whole a new world since he started eating food. He's always been a healthy eater, but we had no idea how much this kid could pack it away until we started him on food. We are now training him to be a champion eater. The whole process of introducing foods has been assisted greatly by this wonderful cookbook from Williams-Sonoma
This darling book was a baby gift from Julia and it just might become my standard baby gift from now on because I love it so much. 

If you have a new babe or know someone who soon will, I highly recommend you check it out. 


k. said...

This post makes me sad, because the last time I saw Winston he wasn't eating FOOD. He was drinking milk.


(PS - let's talk tomorrow.)

(PPS - thank you, thank you friend.)

Brynn and Jesse said...

I'm definitely going to check this out. Gavin doesn't seem to like anything we give him and I'm always stumped about what to feed him.