Monday, April 6, 2009


One of the things that I have loved most about having a child of my own is being able to relive my childhood. Dan and I are fortunate because our parents saved a lot of our old toys and clothes from when we were children and at every stage of the game so far we've been able to share little things with Winston. He has inheirited every thing from blankets, to clothes, to books, and some very special toys including a beautiful old wooden Janesville wagon. I think we need to take some pictures of him with the wagon as soon as the sunny weather decides to stick around. 


Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

verrrry cute! oh and i LOVED the videoof your giggling guy!!!

Lisa Jane said...

caitlin i found your blog through molly's! i just love your etsy shop! you are so creative. when we have kids i a purchasing a gazillion of your party hats!!! so cute. hope you are well. great blog.

Lisa Jane said...

p.s. your little winston is darling. congratulations!