Friday, May 1, 2009

the sweetest thing

Dan and I have been trying to plan a trip to San Francisco for a couple of years now. Other things just keep popping up and getting in the way. I have a list of must see and must do when we visit and it is growing incredibly long.

The newest addition to that list is Crown and Crumpet. I am pretty sure an afternoon tea at this darling establishment would be every little girl's dream come true!


Kimberley said...

Please come!!! I would love to have tea with you there! You have a place to stay- Flights are cheap or it's only a 10hr drive...what are you waiting for?

Jill said...

whoa, that looks amazing!

Lauren said...

I went to SF this summer and it was great. I love the Elbow Room there (for music), didn't get to go there this summer but it is amazing.

I am dying to go up to Nappa Valley too. You are so close now and your parents can babysit!!!

Meh said...

Wow, that's incredibly amazing!