Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

We've been having lots of fun lately. Walks in the leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch, the petting zoo, the children's museum. We're always trying to keep up with this kid. 
Winston thinks the word for food is "cheese". You will hear him throughout the day, "cheese, cheese, cheese". He even wakes up in the morning saying "cheese". It just so happens cheese is his FAVORITE food. We buy two bricks every time we go to costco.
He is still happy and silly, and adventurous. A couple of weeks ago he decided he was big enough to go down the slide at the park all by himself. Our crazy boy is not afraid of anything. 

Winston especially loves animals. Dogs and horses seem to be the favorites but he loves anything with 4 legs.  We had a fun date at the petting zoo with daddy. Winston thought the sheep were fascinating. 

I love this little shadow.