Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Let me tell you about the great laundry system we have discovered. Two doors down from our building there is a little chinese laundry shop owned by the sweetest little chinese couple you have ever seen. We are lucky they live so close because sometimes those bags of dirty clothes can get heavier than you would imagine. Anyway, here is how it works, I take them my bag of laundry and leave it with them for a day or so, and when I come back they give me a bag with clean folded clothes(it is sort of like magic), and all for only 6o cents a pound. Now since I don't actually see my clothes being washed, I once or twice must admit I have wondered if certain items actually came back freshly laundered, but for them most part they do a good job (although I do have to refold everything the right way) and they are the cheapest in the neighborhood. To some of you, this may seem like an expensive habit, but by our calculations, Dan and I have actually found it is cheaper to send our laundry out than to wash it ourselves at the laundromat next door. However, we do tend to wash some of our heavier items like bedding, and we always wash our whites ourselves. Last night we were working on some projects, tidying up the house and doing laundry. Amongst phone calls, friends re-runs, and going out to dinner, we somehow forgot about our laundry in the dryer at the laundromat, when suddenly at 11 p.m. it dawned on me! Too Late! Dan ran over there to find locked doors, and dimmed lights. Ooops! when he went over this morning to grab our now wrinkled clothes from the dryer (partly hoping they were still there) the lady who works there said it happens all the time!

So....The moral of the story is, a)those who have washers and dryer in their homes are very lucky. Dan and were musing last night as we loaded the washer what a luxury it would be to own our very own washer and dryer!

and b) When you are doing laundry and trying to multi-task, make sure you set a timer, because as much as you think you will remember, you won't and there is nothing more annoying than wrinkled clothes that smell like mildew!

and c) Thanks goodness for chinese laundry!

This is my dream laundry room! Someday(Sigh)!

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Jill said...

We might have to try that! I feel like a mule hauling my laundry up and down those stairs... I wonder if they would deliver it back up for us. :) The only bonus of laundromats--plenty of time to catch up on reading our favorite magazines!