Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Honestly I can not believe how horrible this is.
Let me start at the beginning. This morning just for fun, I decided to google my blog to see if it came up (don't judge me and pretend like you have never googled yourself before). The first header under google had multiple listings for another website, which obviously is very similar to ours. There were many many many listings for this web address and from what I could tell from reading the descriptions it is a detailed pornography site, which makes me really sad because anyone that tries to go to our blog, and forgets to do the whole blogspot thing will get taken there, which is not a place they probably want to go. I told Dan I think we need to change our names. It makes me so mad. I seriously want it taken off the Internet. Discovering this ruined my day. Anyway, not much I can do, but just be warned! And for any of you that already accidentally made that mistake, I am so so sorry!

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go boo boo said...

That is pretty scary! And of course, I have totally googled myself (I have found my mom through me, but never anything close to me, oh well). Annette