Friday, May 4, 2007

Handbag mayhem!

Okay, I am obsessed. and unfortunately so is much of the fashion savvy world when it comes to these limited edition environmentally friendly handbags. These seem to be the must have fashion accessory of the season. The bags debuted in the U.K. last month and were sold out in 24 hours. I think the price point (only $15)combined with the designer name Anya Hindmarch and the fact that this bag is a project to reduce waste of plastic bags round the globe is turning it into an international phenomenon! And did I mention I want one. I am signed up on a couple of mailing lists through exclusive retailers, but the in store pre-sale has closed, and I am worried about getting one online, so my last option may mean waiting in line for hours at the Anya Hindmarch store, which does not sound very appealing! Knockoffs of this bag are already selling on e-bay for upwards of $200! Yikes! More details on all the hype here.

I will let you know how my quest for the holy grail of tote bags goes, but if you happen to be interested in scoring one, let me know and I will fill you in on all the madness and see if we can team up!


Jen Richards said...

Hey Caitlin- ran across you on Kathy Bill's blog. I have a friend in London who waited in line for that bag when it came out! I wish she could have picked me up one because I too think they are the cutest. I guess we will have to wait until June!!

go boo boo said...

Have you read the sophie kinsella books, specifically shopaholic & sister involves a handbag. i really like them and i know you would too!

Kathy said...

Cute blog! Let me know if you find the bag, I would love one too!