Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Buddy!!!

Some of you children of the 80's might remember the my buddy/kid sister craze! The best part was the catchy theme song on the commercials. Well.. today I thought I would post a little known fact about Dan, one of his favorite toys as a little boy was his my buddy doll. According to his mom he would carry it around and hug it all the time (you could tell he is going to be a good dad even then). There is the sweetest picture in one of his many amazing scrapbooks (Thanks to Joan!) of Dan holding his my buddy doll and you can tell he just loves it to pieces. I wish I had the picture to prove it!


Kate said...

That is so great that Dan liked the buddy doll! We would sing that song/commercial all the time..(kind of as a joke) "My buddy and me we can climb up a tree... my buddy and me we are the best friends we can be!" I wish th

Kate said...

sorry I got cut off.... I wish the boys had toys like that... instead they carry around spider man and are reciting lines from night at the museum "I am going to shoot you in the eye!"

The Jackson Three said...

loved the My Buddy dolls....what a great 80's toy!