Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Elder Creer

We were in North Carolina this past weekend for my cousin Katrina's wedding. It was fun to see some of my cousins who live all around the country and check out the great state of North Carolina. I have more pics of our trip to post later, but I had to share these pics (mostly so our family could see) of what was maybe one of the funnest parts of our trip. Dan's younger brother James has been serving his mission in Raleigh North Carolina and since we were in the area, we thought we would drop in and surprise him, it took some thoughtful planning but we managed to pull it off. We showed up at his ward on Sunday for Sacrament meeting, and as you can imagine he was shocked and little surprised to see us there. We lucked out because as it turns out, he was speaking in church that Sunday and we got to hear his great talk. We could not believe how much he has grown up in the last 2 years! He is about 3 inches taller than Dan and so mature! It will be fun to have him back with the family when he comes home in August. It was great to see him in the missionary role out in the field. We wished could have spent some solo time with him, but as all you former missionaries know, you are pretty much attached at the hip to your companion. We went to breakfast the next morning with James and his companion, and their other roommates. We can't wait for him to come home in a couple of months and come visit us in NY!


Kate said...

wow! What great pictures... we are all so excited to see James.. how fun that you were able to see him. The Creer men/boys are all so good looking... I am so lucky to have four in my home!

Jill said...

heyyy! you did get to see him! I can't believe I forgot to ask you guys. that is so fun! i bet he was shocked!

go boo boo said...

So great! Ditto Kate, those Creer boys - all generations - are great looking. What a great surprise.