Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Home sweet home

Our visit in Utah over memorial day was filled with lots of fun, but the highlight was probably seeing all the nieces and nephews. They are all at ages where they are changing so much and it was fun to see how much they have grown in the last 6 months since we have seen them. Dan and I can never resist taking lots of pictures of them, and they love it too, here are just a few from our visit.
Jonas devouring homemade strawberry icecream! Yummy!

Harrison, Weston, Isaac and Sam goofing around

Me holding darling little Amanda Jane who is a true princess!

Samuel who gets cuter and cuter every time I see him!

Amanda Jane peacefully sleeping. I would kill to have her eyelashes, they are amazing

Dan and I in his dad's notorious Ford Falcon. We love to take this to drive in movies and for shakes at Hires!

Dan and David swimming in the pool! David is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen!

Dan and I with Harrison, Weston and Sam.

Some of the highlights of the visit included:
Jonas saying our names
Cafe Rio
Golfing for Dan at Glenwild and Old Mill
Seeing Friends
Watching the Jazz/spurs playoff games
Going out to eat with my mom and dad
Meeting little Amanda Jane
Hanging out with Missy and Caitlin Barker
Sunday dinner in the back yard at Dan's parents
Cruising in the falcon
Shopping at the gateway
Driving to Park City with Kathryn
Eating at The Dodo! yummy Tollhouse pie
Playing tag with the boys in the pool (which basically ended with them almost pulling my swimsuit off! oops!)
Getting bumped from our flight and getting $1200 in delta vouchers
Shop n Go
Seeing Laura's demolition which is soon to be her new kitchen!
Driving down the familiar streets and feeling home!


Jen Richards said...

Your nieces and nephews are such amazingly beautiful kids! Sounds like you had the best time!

Kate said...

Okay- I need copies or a link to those pictures so I can order them! It was so fun to be with you and Dan! We love and miss you- and can't wait to be able and visit NYC someday soon.

Jill said...

your trip looks so fun & sunny! i love the pics. dan your dad's car is a beauty, brad & I are both drooling. :) cait once again i love your photo skills - the ice cream picture is adorable. fun to see you yesterday! can you believe that rain? i'm sad the opera cancelled.

go boo boo said...

You fit a lot in on your trip! And got $1200 in vouchers - awesome! The pics are darling. I love that Jonas (and the rest of course)!