Friday, August 3, 2007

on the go

I accept the fact that tv/dvd players are pretty much standard with the purchase of a new family car in today's market, and I have witnessed how much it can help calm kids down on long car rides, or even just running errands around town! I think is fine and I totally understand the logic behind it, however....I was caught a little off guard when I saw a New York adaptation of this convenience with my very own eyes. I was walking over to the gym when I spotted a little girl about 3 sitting in her stroller with a portable dvd player perched on her lap! She was intently watching The Little Mermaid (one of my favorites) as her parents walked down the street and talked. I don't know about you, but I think this is a little extreme!


Kathryn said...

I think it is great! Sometimes I feel bad for the kids in NY. They are always in their strollers...the stroller in NY is like a car in most other places!!

go boo boo said...

That's a little sad. Except sometimes I might want my kids' attention elsewhere,like in their lap watching a dvd, rather than watching billboards, people, hearing the language, NYC! (or LA too! anywhere I guess)

Kate said...

I would probably do the same things... just think of the mom having to run errands around the city (I bet it is hard and very expensive to find a babysitter..) and so they are using this device to make the kid happy...I totally understand. I remember not having kids and looking at other parents and thinking- "I would never do that!" I bet 100% of the time I was wrong... sometimes I will do anything for a break! (okay- not anything- but you know what I mean!)