Friday, August 3, 2007

paper dolls and other delights

One of my favorite websites for children's furniture and decor is The Land of Nod. This catalog has been around for a while and never ceases to present classic children's furniture and toys with a little more whimsy than Pottery Barn Kids. As I was browsing on their website today, I found a couple items that were too cute to go without mention;

1. Paper Doll wall art These little paper doll prints are adorable in a vintage sort of way. You can personalize them with their owner's name! These would be adorable hung over a bed!
2. Wallpaper lettersI love these! For only 2.95 the possibilities are endless! I love how they used them as gift tags on the website!
3. Grand 'Ol Nursery Flag Banner Once again, I love these because of the possibilities for parties, children's rooms and whatever else you clever bloggers out there could come up with!


go boo boo said...

I love land of nod too. I really think I will try the flag thing for P's room.

Kate said...

Baby on the mind???