Wednesday, October 10, 2007

playing dress up

Remember these? Remember when you were 8 and all you wanted Santa to bring you for Christmas was Samantha or Molly, Or Addy or (insert name here) and all her accessories! Remember when the catalog would come and you would spend hours flipping through the catalog marking the pages with things you wanted to buy (which was basically everything). These girls were all the rage when I was in Elementary school and from what I hear from the little ladies that I know, I am pretty sure they still are! Since I have been brainstorming for costume ideas for this year, I was thinking of Halloween's past.
I am pretty sure my best Halloween ever was when I was seven and dressed up as this babe! I even had the little pouch with the hand embroidered initials! OH those were the days!Somewhere there is a picture to prove it, maybe if you are lucky I will dig it up and post it on the blog, then again, maybe not.

What was your best Halloween costume?

I dare you to leave a comment!


Leslie said...

i was a baked potato in seventh grade. a big trash bag stuffed with newspaper and covered in tin foil.

but i won prizes when i was daisy duke at the byu. if you go to my blog and search for costume, you'll eventually see the picture. it's quite a sight. ;)

Weed Family said...

We are thinking about coming up to go to the ballet one of those nights. We would love to see you guys! And...if we do go to the ballet...would you like to watch Max?? I have some other friends up there, but I would prefer you and Dan...I'll let you know when our plans are settled.

Brynn and Jesse said...

I was Maggie Simpson when I was in Elementary school. I wore a blue nightgown, we painted my face yellow and we spray-painted my hair. Somehow my mom got it to stand straight in the air!!

Sine family said...

I was a Yellow Crayon. You better believe I won my Elementary school costume contest. Are you proud I took the dare?