Wednesday, December 12, 2007

recycled materials

Any of my family members and Dan especially can attest to the fact that I am great at starting projects, In fact I love projects, unfortunately though, I am terrible at finishing them. Which often means I buy craft supplies for elaborate ideas I have in my head, and then they sit around my house for a couple of months. One of the latest and greatest such projects I had be itching to make was a wreath out of old newspapers. I have the wreath form, and I have the newspapers, but nothing has yet to you can imagine my delight when I spotted this lovely little wreath from etsy on absolutely beautiful things. This picture was just the inspiration I needed to get my little project off the ground, maybe I'll finally get around to it by Valentine's day.


Weed Family said...

love it! hey, did you get my email from a couple of weeks ago??

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

HI Caitlin, I found your blog through Dian's ... so cute!

I love this wreath, would love to see your version too,