Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the munchkins

One of our favorite things about going home over Christmas was seeing our nieces and nephews. I think we are still surprised by how much they grow when we don't see them, but since they just keep getting cuter and cuter, we don't mind.

We have pictures to prove it.......

We were so glad to have uncle James home
We were surprised to discover that our niece Abby has been replaced by Princess Abby. Princess Abby only likes to wear ruffled dresses and answer to the name Ariel, Belle or Cinderella.
Little David's Tiny perfect teeth
With their matching blue eyes, we think these two are the sweetest pair!
the two toe-heads posing like little wooden soldiers

Aunt Kathryn and her cuties

Samuel, who has come out of his shell so much, we loved how silly and fun this kid is!

and sweetheart Amanda, wouldn't you kill for those eyelashes?


Sine family said...

So cute. I just had a vision of your future kids. :)

Kimberley said...

Such Beautiful kids! I must say- missing out on neices and nephews growing up is one of the only downsides to moving away!