Friday, January 18, 2008

what I love this week....

So I am totally ripping off Jill's idea for this post, but I love the thought so here we go.

Cozy blankets that make all your worries go away

A new produce market by my house

Sick days

Secrets between friends

Our new furniture, especially our table and chairs

The wall color in our front room, Ralph Lauren; Lafayette

Friends in town and hopefully a trip to the shake shack

The long weekend ahead, hopefully with lots of naps.

Happy weekend people, I'll try to find my camera cord to upload my way past due pictures from the holidays.


Jill said...

fabulous list, it doesn't get much better than the shake shack :)

Jill said...

p.s. i'm loving the pink

Julia said...

Love your list! (you inspired me to copy Jill too).

I think you owe me a story...

colin and jana said...

Hi Caitlyn! Long time no see. I saw your christmas card with the Fam, you should come visit good old parleys 3rd, and maybe i will se ya!