Monday, June 30, 2008

We're moving to Europe....

SO I just finished reading this fascinating article in the NY times magazine about the birth rate decline in Europe and I decided that if someone is willing to pay me $15,000 to have a baby and live in Italy, then sign me up!
But seriously, this article, Childless Europe is very interesting and definitely worth a read.


k. said...

I just read that! So interesting.

We'll be your neighbors there. How fun would that be?

Julia said...

I read it yesterday-- it was very fascinating.

We are thinking of moving to Austria, we won't be very far from you.

Mindi said...

You don't even have to move there to reap the benefits of having a baby. Although you don't get the pay out- you do receive royal treatment!

We took Jack to Paris with us when he was six months old... we were sure glad we had him with us each time we were immediately ushered to the front of EVERY line we got in. It was fanatastic!

Plus, if you move to Europe, we will come visit!