Wednesday, July 2, 2008

was it worth it?

My belly really hurts today, but not for reasons you might think (i.e. baby). Last night I conned my sweet friend Ruth in to heading to Babies R US with me to get a mother's opinion on the basics I still needed before little handsome arrives. She was so nice to sacrifice her night to help me, especially since every time I enter that store I almost faint from the sheer overwhelming variety of everything for baby.

We were progressing along quickly and were making our last stops on the third floor when Ruth overheard an announcement about a "short" diapering class they were holding nearby that included a free gift for participating. We were a little tired and thought a short rest would do us both good, and free gifts are always nice to we headed on over.

Now, I am not trying to sound condescending because I have spent lots of time around children and babies and I am pretty comfortable with whole physical care aspect, but even if you have never changed a baby's diaper before, isn't it pretty much common sense? Ruth and I were pretty much rolling our eyes all through the 20 minute video just itching to get out of there with our free gift. When the credits finally rolled we we were ready to ditch only to discover that there was now a presentation followed by run through of the entire Pampers line of products. Well needless to say an hour later, and lots of laughs (let's just say Ruth was convinced we were on Candid Camera) we made out of there with stack fulls of 5$ off coupons and some silly free gifts. We felt dumb for sitting through it, but smart for snagging the coupons- and to top it all off, some nice guy gave us another handful of 15% off coupons which means by the end of the night I saved about $90 on my purchases.

SO, was it worth it you ask? Well I guess $90 is a lot to save, but I still feel dumb for having sat through the entire presentation. Oh well at least we are set with the basics if the little guy shows up early.


Sine family said...

Are you kidding? It was totally worth it. Yes, it was dumber then dumb but you saved 90 and we have memories that will last a life time.

PS I still think we were on candid camera. The other people attending were just too into it to be real.

Unknown said...

$90/hour tax free? Totally worth it! :)