Friday, September 19, 2008

you're never to young to love books

Winston and I like to read. We have reading time every day and our current favorite is Dr. Seuss, although we are always looking for new recommendations. I discovered this darling children's book, 365 Penguins the other day when I was on the prowl and I can't get the beautiful graphics and cute story out of my head. Winston loved it too! I should have bought it right there on the spot and now it is haunting me. If you are near a bookstore one of these days go check it out. It is great for new babies too because the illustrations are really graphic and black and white! Happy Reading!


Weed Family said...

You are so right, your baby is never too young to love books. At an early age, Max enjoyed the little one finger puppet books titled "Little Ladybug", "Little Bee", and "Little Lamb", and I think there are a few more. I picked them up at Barnes and Noble, happy reading!

w and w said...

Books are simply the best. Annie and I love "Gallop". If you haven't checked it out, do! I don't know one adult that's picked it up and hasn't just been utterly fascinated by it!